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Gitouche 8159ec6030 Fix build, move to fc37 2 months ago
Gitouche 59b11898e4 Fix molecule 3 months ago
Gitouche 5f8bf17901 fix group 3 months ago
Gitouche 69ec605d5a script de build rpm - moins de hardcoding 3 months ago
Gitouche 40be77d9db script de build rpm - passage de rpmbuild à mock 3 months ago
Gitouche 356ccc9847 ajout support el9 3 months ago
Gitouche 16f7a16d33 bump msmtp-1.8.23-1 (fix) 4 months ago
Gitouche 5ec61d753a bump msmtp-1.8.23-1 4 months ago
Gitouche 85a0e0c43c BUMP msmtp-1.8.22-1 7 months ago
Gitouche fe0e217ddb BUMP msmtp-1.8.21-1 7 months ago
Gitouche cea97aeb5a fix docker-build for recent msmtp versions 7 months ago
Gitouche 5446896f13 Fix doc 10 months ago
Gitouche 434fc8e009 Move ownership to Garbaye 10 months ago
Gitouche 44bb22d510 Migration to gitea 10 months ago
Gitouche 5869837da4 Remove msmtp-1.8.19-1 files 10 months ago
Gitouche 23d2156c83 Bump to F36 build (no changes) 10 months ago
Gitouche 8e25f547f2 BUMP msmtp-1.8.20-1 1 year ago
Gitouche 189bff373c docker rebuild script : use volume mount instead of "docker cp" 1 year ago
Gitouche 83ae6cb970 Molecule fix 1 year ago
Gitouche 0f7d11266d Fix molecule - hopefully 1 year ago
Gitouche c47b00b961 : more variables - can be used to rebuild other packages 1 year ago
Gitouche 5ce09eabba : remove jq depencency 1 year ago
Gitouche 50dc6a19cd Add script to rebuild msmtp from fedora 1 year ago
Gitouche cf26f381d7 Send test email on rpm upgrade 1 year ago
Gitouche 83f7e5a92c Update to msmtp-1.8.19-1 1 year ago
Gitouche 34cf58639f Add aarch64 support 1 year ago
Gitouche f8ac8a697f Update to msmtp-1.8.15-2.el8.x86_64.rpm + manage rpm file name in a variable 2 years ago
Gitouche d7462d8912 fix handler 2 years ago
Gitouche 77e3386097 order of tasks 2 years ago
Gitouche 74c5ce114b yamllint 2 years ago
Gitouche 901f75aab8 Ajout tests molecule 2 years ago
Gitouche 38e50cf95d yamllint + ansible-lint 2 years ago
Gitouche 325804daa5 Add handler call on package installation 2 years ago
Gitouche d00cd02db2 Update to msmtp 1.85 2 years ago
Gitouche 20b92bbf7d add meta 2 years ago
Gitouche d5b795d459 Update Readme.MD 2 years ago
Gitouche a4e0303748 Cleanup old stuff 2 years ago
Gitouche ddf6609a28 Convert to RHEL support 2 years ago
chriswayg 6c3a9e3f88 Yandex test account not working any more 3 years ago
Christian Wagner e29c11e541 remove distro archlinux from Travis testing 3 years ago
Christian Wagner 8078bc5fe7 update to current versions of Ubuntu 3 years ago
Christian Wagner d993010936 yandex does not work any more for testing 3 years ago
chriswayg ef247a4eff changed to use githaub role name. 4 years ago
chriswayg adc3347a81 removed defaults from this due to priority of vars. 4 years ago
chriswayg 617fcc0975 added a test mail recipient 4 years ago
chriswayg eb749279d8 update smaple accounts. yandex not working oob. 4 years ago
Unknown 07a6759eed added buster and bionic 4 years ago
Unknown fcd35ebc83 added author info 4 years ago
Unknown af947a30cb use gitignore_global instead 4 years ago
chriswayg 3d6d248d57 Added example playbook. 4 years ago